teacher_brielynn-funFor BrieLynn, yoga strictly started as a way to workout; a place to go when her gym was on christmas break where she could go sweat and gain strength. Never did she think she’d become a “yogi” helping to spread the gift of yoga and happiness to the world.  Quickly, yoga became so much more to BrieLynn than just a workout.   Stepping onto her mat became a place where BrieLynn could get out of her mind, and, for the first time in her life started to listen to her body.   She regularly “thanks” her yoga practice as it has guided her with calming clarity and acceptance on her mat as well as in her day to day activities.  Through yoga, BrieLynn has learned she can’t control the situations she’s in but instead, she can control how how she reacts to them.  BrieLynn has completed Level 1 Power Yoga Training with Amazing Yoga’s Sean and Karen Conley and is excited for extensive training during their Level 2 training in the upcoming year.

Off the yoga mat BrieLynn enjoys exploring the gorges and wineries with her husband, Rob. Together they have a Boston Terrier named Meiko, who provides them with an endless amount of entertainment. She loves to ski in Vail, CO where her sister lives, travel to see family in Michigan, and play just about any sport, but mostly tennis and golf.

BrieLynn’s favorite piece of wisdom:

If you have good thoughts they will shine out of you like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.   —Roald Dahl