JessJess began practicing yoga because there was no way she could fake it until she can make it. She continues to practice because it’s the first time in her life she can feel the difference between fear and Love. She wholeheartedly believes yoga woke her up to the truth of Love, and she teaches to share this opportunity in which each of us possess the possibility to Love life no matter what.

Her practice on the mat began in January 2012 and she completed Ashtanga (vinyasa flow) teacher training in December of the same year at Yoga In Common in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Her wild & holy teacher, Angel Grant, shared her entire heart with their tribe and Jess connected to something that made sense – a life committed to keep showing up with the intention to grow, even on the days that are messy.

In her classes, you can expect to sweat, to shoop, and to be still. Angel showed her to teach from Heart because that is where Love resides so that’s the foundation of her yoga class, in addition to headstands, hugs, and maybe some Daft Punk.

Jess’ favorite piece of wisdom:

Good design is love.  —Danielle LaPorte